Once Upon a Time s03e13 (Carolina)

So this episode as usual follows two different actions, one in the past and one in the present. In the past we see the Evil Queen trying to put down the dome that involves Snow’s castle with Robin Hood’s help. In the present we follow Emma trying to figure out who is to blame about the new curse.

In the beginning I was starting to hate the episode. Why? Because Emma was starting to distrust Regina again and I was seeing all the same story repeating itself. I couldn’t believe that after everything they went through together, we would be in the same place as we were in the beginning: Regina winning everyone’s trust. But thanks God I was wrong! Emma was plotting with Regina to find out who was the person responsible for the curse. And they discovered it was the Wicked Witch of the West from Oz.

In the past they also found out this out, thanks to Belle, the bookworm. So Regina decides to go the Castle by herself by a hidden door to take the dome out so that Snow and her people can take the castle back. What she isn’t expecting is that Robin will follow her and volunteer to help her. I have a theory about Robin Hood. In some episode about Tinker Bell and the Evil Queen we see Regina’s true love. Some guy with a tattoo that I can’t really remember, but I think it’s Robin. I also think that somewhere in the series this theory was confirmed. But I can’t remember it exactly, but I’ll stick with my theory anyway. Robin and Regina together seem good to me, I like Robin and Regina is one of my favourite characters so I think I’d like to see those two together. I can also see Roland and Henry being good friends.

Also in the past we have a surprising revelation. The Wicked Witch and the Evil Queen are sisters. I had to stop and stare at the computer screen for a few minutes because that one…I wasn’t seeing coming! What the hell?! How could that be possible?! I need more explanation. And I also need to see OUAT’s Oz. I’d like to see a new kingdom. And who is the Wicked Witch’s father? I can see another surprise coming there.

In the end we have a character back! And I was so happy when I saw him I couldn’t keep the smile away from my lips. Rumpelstiltskin is back! Oh my God! Another favourite!!! He died in the mid-season finale, but it was damn obvious he would be back one way or the other. And he’s totally crazy but who the hell cares. What I care is that he’s back and I’m happy that he’s breathing and in one piece.
Btw, Red is also back! I’m glad she is, because I also liked her.

In the next episodes I want to see Henry retrieving his memories! I hate memory lost, and I was super glad when Emma got her memories in only one episode. Now its Henry’s turn. Then I also want Emma and Hook together. Emma has to forget Neil. Maybe he turned into a flying monkey with no way to be turned back. I like Neil, but I love Hook, so back off Neil if you may and let Hook and Emma be together. Another  think I can’t wait to see is Snow’s baby! Is it a girl? A boy? I’m so curious to see all the characters interaction’s with the baby!

So I give this episode 4.5 stars! I will give it 5 when I have a Captain Swan kiss.



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