Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Margarida)

I received the first two books in the series  Throne of Glass on my birthday in December and I decided to share my review.

This series is now one of my favorites ever! It’s awesome! There is an badass female character the guys are HOT! There’s action! I love it and I can’t believe I will have to wait until 2017 for the sixth and final book 😥 This year the third book Heir of Fire will come out! I can’t freaking wait!!!

5 stars

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14 responses to “Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Margarida)

    • Me too!!! Just thinking the last book will be out in 2017…I will go crazy until then.
      Which one is your favorite? Chaol or Dorian?

      • Oooh, don’t make me choose! At first it was Chaol, then Dorian… Then Chaol again, then Dorian (lol, as you can see, I can’t pick! I’m always so bad with love triangles!)… And, wow, 2017 is soooo far away!! 😦

      • Ahahah I totally understand! In the first book I loved Dorian he was so adorable but then in the second book I fell in love with Chaol so now he’s my favorite. 😀

  1. wow it’s obviously Choal i have nothing against Dorian in fact he’s okay but somehow i just like Choal better. but my fave is and always will be Celena

    • I love Chaol too! He’s so cute with Celaena! In the first book I liked Dorian better I just felt that there wasn’t much scenes with Chaol for me to love him but in the second one I just fell in love with him *-*
      I love Celaena too!!! She’s such a badass!!! I love it!! She’s a bit arrogant but so funny and confident it’s impossible not to love her!

      • but i hope the last book will be better written than the last book to hunger games which went to fast. i didn’t even know when Finnick died but by that point i was too bored to go back and find out.

      • It’s going to be awful. Our luck is that this year will came out Heir of Fire and in 2015 there will be another and than in 2016 AND FINALLY IN 2017 THE LAST ONE!!

      • what i don’t get is …where is the story heading towards? if i had to describe throne of glass i’d find it really heard because of the magic and the fae quee and stuff.

      • I think that’s why there’s going to be more books. To explain the magic in Erilea, the fae, everything! There’s a lot of things we don’t know yet

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