Reign S01E14 (Margarida)

This episode is called “Dirty Laundry” and let me tell you it was quite confusing.

It was really funny seeing the queen and the king working together because as always the king is having an affair but his time is with the sister of the Archduke Ferdinand of Bohemia which they’re trying to maintain peace. Well that didn’t go very well because in the act of passion the Archduke’s sister falls from the window. So like I said they work together and are able to make it look like it was a suicide.

Meanwhile Bash finds Olivia in the woods and brings her to  Nostradamus and when she is having a nightmare she kills a priest. Nostradamus tells the queen and with that she’s able to make a story that Archduke’s sister was having an affair with the priest and that she discovered them having sex and the woman felt ashamed and threw herself of the window .

Mary finds out that Lola is pregnant and is trying to get an abortion and goes after her to stop her. When she gets there she discovers that the baby daddy is Francis, and despite being hurt by this betrayal she saves Lola and promises that she wont tell Francis.

This is going to end really bad. With Lola pregnant and Mary knowing when Francis finds out it’s going to be REALLY bad.

4 stars


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