Real by Katy Evans (Carolina)

Real was such a disappoint to me, and the worst part is that I think it wasn’t entirely the book fault, it helped but I wasn’t in the mood for a book like this one and I went for it anyway. It took me more than a month to finish! That’s definitely not normal! The main problem of this book for me was that it was too focused on the physical part of their relationship. In the first half of it she was so sexual frustrated she couldn’t think of anything else. In the other half when they had sex finally, it turned to the description of them having sex. And I can’t help it but think it was too much. She even thought of sex in the most unappropriated situations. When he was about to kill someone, or about to die himself. When she was crying, and when she was in public. Goodness girl, take care of yourself please.

But then the book also surprised me! I wasn’t seeing either Nora’s situation or Remy’s problem coming. I was like what the hell! And that was some of the best parts of the book.

I also loved both speeches from Remy to Brooke. The only time I really saw him have a talk that would last more than a couple of minutes. It went from shocking to heart breaking in seconds and I really felt the passion in his words both times.

Another thing I enjoyed was the music exchange. But I also think that wouldn’t mean that they didn’t need to talk more. They fell in love when they barely knew each other at all. And that didn’t really change in the whole book. And I also couldn’t really understand how Remy related his problem with Brooke’s accident. But well, in that one I can’t be sure I never went through nothing like that. And I’m not sure I’d be able to handle a guy like Remy, I don’t say this really often but in his case, his problem, well I don’t think I could.

So for now I won’t be reading Mine. Maybe one day later. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle more Brooke’s horniness for a while.

3 stars


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