How I Met Your Mother S09E20 (Margarida)

I can’t believe this TV show is almost over!! I started watching How I Met Your Mother when it came out in 2006 and I loved it then and I love it even more now.

This episode is called “Daisy” and OH MY GOD! This one was so sweet! Its starts with Robin, Lily and Genevieve (Robin’s mom) in one room talking about how Robin’s mother was able to come to the wedding despite her fear of flying. It was so funny when she was in plane like “Oh this is not so bad” but then the plane starts working and she just freaked out. Then they talked about Robin’s father and Robin realized that Barney was just like her father.

Meanwhile the guys discover where Lily went when she fought with Marshall and where was it? The Captain’s house.When they get there  The Captain says he didn’t do anything with Lily and that she only asked to use the powder room while Marshall confronts The Captain, Ted starts to analyze how Lily acted the last few days and she concludes that she’s has been smoking and says the cigarette is hidden in the Daisy that was in the powder room. To prove this he puts is in the pot where the Daisy is and he finds not a cigarette but  A PREGNANCY TEST!!! I was so happy one more baby! YAY

So the gang comes back to the hotel and Marshall confronts Lily and says they have to go to Italy so she can pursue her dream because she already gave him his dream (so adorable *-*). Barney meets Robin’s mom and hugs her with this she says he’s nothing like her father and Robin relaxes.

The episode ends flash forward to one year later in Rome. We discover the name of the new baby that is Daisy.

5 stars

I loved the episode and I can’t wait to see the next one!! I’m starting to feel anxious because I want to see the wedding !!!   


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