Believe Premiere (Carolina)

Spoiler free review

Believe started last Sunday and I found out about it today and went to see the first episode right away! The trailer was so good I couldn’t resist it.

I was so intrigued by the little girl and what was wrong with her. About the man in jail that was chosen to protect her. And why everyone wanted the little girl either to save her or to kidnap her. And I must say that after the first episode I’m even more intrigued about everything! The story is so good, if the tv show crew handle this right, the show will just get better! With only one episode the IMDb rating is already 8.0. So it has everything that matters to become epic. I’ll be here waiting for it!

Spoiler Review

So as I said before I loved the first episode. The characters really stuck with me. I loved Bo! She is adorable and has a smart mouth! Always with an answer for everyone (specially Tate). Their moments together went from cute to funny so fast. I loved it. I also really liked Tate. He has everything to become one of my favourite characters. He is a badass guy that turns good, this time not for a girl, but for his kid. Yeah Bo is his kid! I was really seeing some connection between those two from the moment he cried just of looking at her, but seeing it confirmed in the first episode?! Well that one I wasn’t expecting at all. But I’m glad they set that matter down. Sometimes they just keep avoiding telling the audience some answers and it soon goes from exciting to annoying. It’s always good to know what should be kept in secret and what should be revealed, and in my opinion revealing this in the first episode was a good choice, now what I’m looking forward to is Tate finding out that Bo is his daughter. That moment should be interesting.

I also really enjoying watching hints of Bo’s powers (not sure what to call them, for now powers will have to do). When she screamed to protect Tate, and when she read the doc’s mind. I really, really liked to see her transmitting Dr. Adam’s dad thoughts to Adam. It was so, so beautiful! And she did it! She changed the doc’s mind. I was really happy.

The rest of the rescuing crew, I’m not sure I like Channing, but I can see something happening between her and Tate. Not really looking forward to that moment. I don’t want the show to focus on melodramatic romance drama. I want more Tate and Bo’s bonding time. I can see that he will soon fall in love with her, more than he already is. And I can’t wait to see more progression between those two.

I also enjoyed seeing Tate and Moore (the blond bitch) fighting but I have no idea how he can fight like that. I didn’t understand why she put the silencer in her gun if she just wanted to wander the hospital scaring the shit out of everyone. And I loved when Bo stuck a needle with some drug in her ass. You go for it, little badass girl! The prison break as also good, even if kinda disgusting.

I think I’m not forgetting anything important. I will give the first episode 5 stars, let’s see what happens in the next one…

5 stars


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