Ball & Chain by Abigail Roux Review (Joana)

I’ve waited so damn long for this and I was not disappointed. I see a lot of low rating but  to me this book deserves five stars or even more. Cut & Run is one of my favorite series ever and I can’t ever get enough of it.  After so many months, days, hours that I spent suffering. Running all the books in my head and re-reading them. Stalking Abi’s Tumblr (quite a lot I must say) looking for clues of what was going to happen how can this all be over in less than 24 hours? I still can’t believe it.  I need more!!

This was  AWESOME.  This book was like playing cluedo but without me getting bored.  I couldn’t ask for a more perfect series. I seriously don’t know how am I going to wait for the releace of all the other Sidewinder books and the last Cut & Run.  I’ll probably go insane.

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5 stars


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