Teen Wolf s03e22 (Carolina)

In the previous episode we were shown the past of Kira’s mom, it was good but it didn’t quite feel like a usual Teen Wolf episode, because whoever writes all the Teen Wolf episodes certainly knows out of leave us dying for the next episode! It’s really rare to find an episode which doesn’t end in a cliffhanger. And episode 22 it’s no exception! I have so many questions, and there are only 2 more episodes before the Season Finale I have no idea how they will wrap everything up in only two episodes, but from past experience they will do it. And it will be awesome!

So talking specifically of the new episode, like I said before this episode was again a usual Teen Wolf episode. Packed with action, some drama here and there, cliffhangers, and plot twists. It starts with the Nogitsune (I won’t call that thing Stiles, because that’s not my Stiles) playing with everyone’s minds. It’s incredible how he knows how everyone will react with certain things and with that information use it for his own good. When everyone was fighting in Derek’s house, it was all okay. But after that part when Nogitsune cuts his own stomach and flies start coming out of him, (freaking disgusting, ) that’s when shit starts to go down! All I hear are flies, and then all I see are flies entering most of the werewolves bodies. And then they become psychotic and killing each other!!! This as good enough but the really interesting part was happening in Scott’s house! Nogitsune is there paralysed and Scott, Lydia, Dr. Deaton, Peter and Melissa trying to find a way to save Stiles. Thanks God Peter told them not to turn Stiles into a werewolf. I didn’t want that, I think anyone in the fandom would want to see that either. So he gives the idea to get inside Stiles head. Scott and Lydia go and when they found the real Stiles and woke him up I was so happy I almost cried from relief. I just realized that Dylan O’Brian is a better actor than I gave him credit for, because when he turned his head to Scott I could see in his eyes that there was no Nogitsune in there, only human normal Stiles. When they woke up, Stiles started throwing up and it was disgusting! But I’m glad he did if that meant that the real Stiles was resurfacing! I want to believe that that puke session ended up with the real Stiles but the episode ended so suddenly that I didn’t have time to fully comprehend it. I really hope I’m right because if they kill Stiles I won’t see another episode.

I really want to see Peter and Malia together, and btw I’d be happy to find out if Stiles finally lost his virginity or not in the asylum with her. In one moment they were kissing taking their shirts off the next they were fully clothed. After so much drama on Stiles virginity I was expecting a little more. At least something where we could understand what really happened. I also want to know how the subtle love triangle between one of the twins, Stiles and Lydia will end up. Will she choose the twin and then Stiles will choose Malia after all this time drooling over the same girl? I’m not even sure which one I want to happen. I want to know Scott’s dad secret! I can’t even imagine the reason he left for it to be that mysterious. Is Scott someone else’s son? Is Scott’s father gay? Did he kill someone important? Or did he beat up Melissa? Well it will probably be something a lot more remote than that.

I can’t forget to say one things,  I love seeing the twin with Danny! They are so cute it hurts!!! Oh, and happy Isaac is fully recovered! At least something good came from the fly gross thing.

I’d give this episode 4.5 stars rating. I still think that this tv shows sometimes dramatizes too much simple stuff. Another think I will always think about this is that the werewolves are so ugly it hurts my soul seeing such hot guys turning in that ugly face from time to time.



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