Star-crossed s01e04 (Margarida)

This TV show started not long ago and I’m loving it! I love the male characters! 😛 The people who watched 90210 and loved Liam well you’re going to love this show because the actor Matt Lanter is in it as Roman!!

So this show is about aliens that arrived in 2014 and there was a fight between them and humans. Now 10 years later(I think) the Atrians and a school director decided to bring seven of the atrians to start a new program where human teens and atrians can learn more about each other. And that’s how the fun begins!!!

This episode is called “And Left No Friendly Drop”.

I think this episode we had the beginning of  Sophia and Emery’s friendship . Emery sees that Sophia is interested in swimming and she helps her to get in in the team of their school as usual that’s a lot of drama because Sophia is not human and some people end up hurting her but Roman is there to save her, my hero!!

While this is happening Roman goes to Lukas for help because he has a phone that belonged to his father and he wants to know what the phone had. He’s caught and he doesn’t get to see the video that was in the phone we, the audience, however see it and well that was a surprise!

I really liked this episode because finally humans and atrians fought side by side because of what the swim team of the other school did to Sophia and that was pretty cool!

At the end all of them got together in the school swim pool and that was awesome too!

There were some developments in Emery and Grayson’s relationship I don’t like that!! I want Roman and Emery together! Please Roman stop being stupid and go get Emery before she gets over you.

Overall I loved the episode I can’t wait to see the next one and what’s going to happen what information in the video!!


For people who haven’t watched the series and want to know what’s about here’s the trailer:

Star-crossed trailer 


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