OUAT in Wonderland s01e09 (Carolina)

After nearly 2months of Hiatus, OUAT in Wonderland returned! Today I watched it and I’m not sure what to say.

The episode picks up the morning after the day we saw in the last December episode, Alice wakes up and finds out what happened to her friend, the Knave, she shows us big trusting issues on the Red Queen, Anastasia, even if I can see why, I also think she exaggerates. It’s seems like Snow and Regina from Once Upon a Time, Knafe plays Henry in this case. Finally Alice agrees to go find Will (Knave) with Anastasia’s help! Then we also see Will’s first adventure as a genie. His first master is a character we had already been introduced to (ep.04 – The Serpent), Lizard. She uses her 3 wishes and the last one ends up killing her. Finally, we also see Jafar getting his new weapon/ally, Jabberwocky.

Now my thoughts on this episode. I have seen better and I have seen worse. Alice annoys me, and well…she’s the main character, so just for that.. But then there’s the Knave, and he’s my favourite character! I love his personality and his loyalty to his friends and his love for Anastasia even if she doesn’t deserve it, and most of all I love his accent. British accents saying ‘Bloody Hell’ will be my undoing! I really enjoyed him embracing his fate as a genie, how when he had an oportunity to make a wish he asked for a simple beer and then thought better of it, and asked one for every citizen in the village! He has such a good heart.

Lizard, I think it’s important to say something about her. She only showed up in two episodes it wasn’t enough to get to really know her or to be reallyyy sad about her death, anyway it was a little heartbreaking. How she asked her third wish by mistake and paid with her life because she loved  Will so much. She didn’t deserve it, and now Will is suffering which only makes it worse.

About the end, in one hand I liked the idea of meeting Cyrus’s family in the other hand I thought it was kinda predictable. When Cyrus was talking about his family with Alice I was seeing something coming, and when Anastasia started describing the other bottles to him, his face confirmed my suspicions right away!

So I think this episode won’t deserve more than 3.5 stars

3.5 star