Almost Human (Margarida)

So I just started to watch this series and WOW it’s amazing!!!!!! I love the technology though the robots are a bit creepy they look like psychopaths. I do not trust them.

I put the url of the trailer but I guess I can tell what the series is about.

So the story starts in 2048 where thanks to the technology the crime rates increased and now every police officer has to have a robot as a partner.

This androids don’t have feelings, they don’t have their own opinion and they do things by percentage, like if you 70% of chance of not survive something they leave you behind and that’s exactly what happened to John Kennex he was the only one in the police force with a human partner and when he goes on a mission his partner is shot and when he asked an android for help he said that the man had very low chances of survive his injuries  so they should leave him behind. Kennex obviously doesn’t leave his partner behind and the android abandoned them. Then the guys that ambushed them throw them a bomb and John wakes up 17 months later….If you want to know what happens next watch the series you won’t regret it!!!


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