300: Rise of an Empire (Margarida)

I’m going to review this movie because last week I won a competition to see the premiere in 3D and I went to see it with  my brother and well I LOVED IT! Yeah it had a bit a lot of blood but it was awesome!!

The fight scenes were beautiful, weird I know but it seemed like they were dancing it was all so well choreographed it was stunning. The first movie was a bit different it had more romance I guess because Leonidas, a spartan, left his queen so he could go fight against King Xerxes a dude that thinks his a God.

This one was about the General of Athens, Themistocles, that killed Xerxes father, the Persian king, and that’s one of the reasons he became “a God”, the other reason was Artemisia she was the right hand of King Darius and she puts thoughts in Xerxes’s head that he has to end with Greece, this woman has serious issues! There is one sex scene between Artemisia and Themistocles it was really rough and it was kinda funny because later when they’re on the battle field he hits her and she says: “You hit harder than you f*ck”. She  suffered a lot and she hates the Greek because of that.

Now another reason because I loved the movie was that even if you hadn’t seen the first movie you would understand the story because it’s all connected. Themistocles kills the Persian king, Xerxes becomes “a God”, the Persians send a messenger to the Spartans, Leonidas kills the messenger and with his 300 man army he fights the Persian army while they fight Themistocles is fighting in the sea against Artemisia and her army, then spoilers spoilers so I can’t say anything else.

I hope you enjoyed the review if you saw the movie feel free to share your opinion!

Here are the trailers of the first and second movie:

5 stars

I totally forgot to say that I have a feeling that there will be a third movie 😀


2 responses to “300: Rise of an Empire (Margarida)

  1. It’s an alright sequel, however, it is missing a lot of the crazy, wacky fun that made the first so damn rad to begin with. Good review.

    • That’s true in the first one it was a lot fun when there was only 300 men fighting thousand of men. The strategies they used were really smart. Thanks! 😀

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